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Wordle is a popular word guessing game with a straightforward grid layout that attracts millions of daily players from around the world. Despite its extremely simple gameplay, Wordle is still extremely attractive for any player.

Playing the Wordle will expose you to a variety of fascinating situations because you have just five letters and six guesses to get the right word. Repeating the approach will help you eventually deduce the right term from your earlier tries. You are allowed to play this game for free on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Playing the Wordle game whenever you have freetime is really a great way to unwind and forget about your troubles. Not only that, it also helps you expand your vocabulary and improve your word guessing. 

Game mode

  • There are 8-word lengths in all in this game: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
  • Players will be able to choose how difficult each word is based on how long it is.

How to play Wordle?

The player must correctly guess a word within six tries in each game. The letters will be highlighted in gray, yellow, and green after each guess. Gray is the color that tells the player the letter is not in the answer at all. Yellow is the color that indicates the letter is in the answer but in the wrong place. The last one is green, letting the player know the letter is in the answer and is in the correct place. If you guess the keyword correctly in six attempts, you win. If you don't guess the correct keyword in six attempts, you lose.

The game has a "Hard mode" option that requires players to be really good to win in this mode. Or play "Daily Mode" - keywords are randomly chosen daily for everyone. The game also has a "Dark Mode" to suit each person. In particular, "Color Blind Mode" supports color-blind people playing this game.

Tips for playing Wordle

  • You must choose your first word carefully since it could be the most important one you ever use. To find out more, you should pick words with three vowels and all five distinct letters. 
  • In the case that you run out of letters and the majority of them are grayed out, it's conceivable that some letters will occur more than once in your Wordle. By entering the same letter as the word you got, you can get phrases like "GREEN", "SLEEP", or "CARRY," which require you to guess the proper word. If you haven't found many green or yellow blocks up to this point in the game, you should use this helpful strategy on your fourth or fifth attempt. 
  • The gray letters that have been excluded should not be typed. When solving the Wordle, this is one of the hardest things to keep in mind and adhere to. You shouldn't utilize a letter that has been highlighted in gray again on your following guess. 

Highlight feature of Wordle

The riddles that are accessible to solve are different every day. You should know that sharing the results with anyone won't benefit them, which ups the fun factor of the game. All results shared will be hidden depending on whether you successfully or erroneously predicted the word. All other words will be hidden in the shared image, leaving only the green and yellow boxes visible.

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