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If you believe yourself to be rather adept at word guessing games like Wordle game online, it's time to attempt the Absurdle game. In contrast to Wordle, the Absurdle game offers a whole different set of features and lets you make as many illogical assumptions as you choose.

The unique gameplay and set of rules for this game have generated a lot of curiosity. The algorithm does not start with a predetermined mystery word; instead, it determines the mystery word for the day based on the suggestions you make. in fact Absurdle is a word generator that engages users in a push-and-pull style competition, which goes against Wordle's stated goals. Since the player is first put at a disadvantage by being asked to guess the meaning of a mystery word that doesn't exist, the Absurdle game is based on manipulation. The only way to complete the challenge is to crack the code by abusing the system and applying force.

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