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Inspired by the Wordle game, Foodle is launched as a very interesting culinary-themed word-guessing game. Rather than giving your partner hints, you need to describe food so that they can guess what it is. If you are a fan of food as well as word games, Foodle is surely for you. Each round is unique as you push yourself to think of more and more creative ways to describe various foods.

How to play the Foodle game?

  • Although each round is unique, there are some basics that you should follow
  • Before starting, make sure you have a timer and that everyone is prepared.
  • Since you are the one asking the question, you must begin by outlining the meal as if you were questioning a suspect.
  • The answerer then makes an estimate. The questioner receives points if the answerer correctly answers. If not, the respondent receives points if they reach the required number of attempts.
  • Similar to Round 1, except with roles switched.


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