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Prime, a popular and captivating game that draws influence from the Wordle game, challenges players to predict a prime number. In this game, players are given multiple chances to guess the correct answer. Rather than solving a mystery word, players must recognize a five-digit prime number. 

How to play the Primel?

Primel is a simple game to play if you are familiar with the idea of prime numbers. At the beginning, you just need to pick a five-digit prime number as your starting point. A prime number can only be divisible by one and by itself.You'll get a run of green and yellow tiles depending on how closely your number matches the right prime number for the day. When there are green tiles, the number is where it should be. When you obtain a yellow tile, even though it truly belongs somewhere else, you know you have the right number. There are six chances for you to guess it right. Then, let’s try it right now!

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